Swimming Pool Construction Companies in UAE

Maxicare is a specialized company in Swimming pool construction, Swimming pool maintenance and installation in Dubai. Due to our widely appreciated work we are now the most preferred Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Over the years we have established ourselves as a trustworthy company all across UAE providing comprehensive range of quality services in swimming pool construction, swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool installation and swimming pool maintenance. Whether it is an indoor swimming pool or an outdoor swimming pool we handle everything related to swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming pools are the most relaxing place one can have in a hot summer day and if you are planning to have your own swimming pool then Maxicare is the best swimming pool construction and installing company you can find in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere across UAE. We are experts in designing and constructing both domestic swimming pools and commercial swimming pools. As the beauty of a swimming pool lies in its design and its landscape therefore Maxicare brings you a variety of swimming pool designs. We support almost all types of pools like lap pools, traditional pools, infinity pools, above ground pools, water feature pools, etc.
We also provide additional accessories like fountains, statues, waterfalls and other exquisite added water features that can be incorporated artfully to make your pool elegant and beautiful.
Maxicare has a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and pool maintenance specialist who are passionate about their work and are capable of undertaking projects of any size. Our technical team will guide you throughout the swimming pool construction process paying attention to all your minute details. During construction, installation and maintenance we follow current standards and procedures to ensure safety of our clients.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

swimming pool maintenance dubai Having a swimming pool is a long term investment as with swimming pool construction your work is not finished. Over the time a swimming pool needs cleaning, repairing of pool operating equipments, maintaining pH of the water and many other services for its proper functioning. While some may decide to do it on their own but sometimes you may find it very difficult to handle the pool operating equipments of your swimming pool like pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, skimmers, etc. Swimming pool maintenance is an important task and it is a continuous process that needs constant attention. We at Maxicare offer you with different swimming pool maintenance service in Dubai, our programs and packages will make your job easy and as we will take care of your swimming pool.

We are well equipped with all the necessary services which will always help you to keep your swimming pool clean, efficient and safe. Our swimming pool maintenance services includes-

  • Swimming Pool cleaning

    Swimming pool cleaning includes tile cleaning, cleaning the pool deck and the cleaning of pool equipments like skimmer, pump basket, filters etc. Once the cleaning process is over your swimming pool and deck will be totally clean and disinfected.
  • Water treatment

    This is a very important task that need to be carry out frequently to ensure safety to the people using the pool as well as to the swimming pool equipments. Water with imbalanced pH can cause corrosion to pool equipments thus damaging the electro-mechanics of your swimming pool. Similarly calcium hardness needs to be maintained to protect the plaster. Apart from these chlorine needs to be stabilized and accumulated added dissolved components needs to be removed on proper intervals.
  • Swimming Pool equipment repairing

    This includes checking all the pool equipments like skimmer, pump basket, filters and equipment pad for any damages and incase of damages we will repair or replace those damaged parts.
One of the major polices we follow at Maxicare is – "no compromise in quality" thus we take great pride in providing our customers with supreme quality work within their budget. Our focus on customer satisfaction has helped us to expand our clientele throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE. So if you are looking for quality and reliability both together then Maxicare is the right option for your swimming pool.

As a one of the best professional swimming pool Companies in Dubai, before staring the construction, we had to follow some criteria.

If you would like to know more about the swimming pool contractors in Sharjah that MaxiCare provides, contact us now. We would love to talk to you.