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Pest Control Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Struggling with pest problem at your place? Call us immediately as we are MaxiCare a proactive and quality conscious ISO 9001:2000 certified pest control company based in Abu Dhabi, with branch offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Mussafah and Al Ain. Over the years we have become the most leading company providing pest control solutions in Dubai, Abu Dabhi, Sharjah and other parts of UAE. We are a licensed and insured company using municipality approved products and methods for pest control. Our aim is to protect you and your property from pest. We provide both Domestics pest control as well as commercial pest control. Our commercial pest control includes premises like restaurants, factories, offices, hospitals, malls etc., and our domestic pest control services include premises like villas, flats, apartments and houses. Pest can cause some serious troubles at times like causing damage to your health and furniture. We provide you full-service to anything and everything related to pest. We take advantage of various technology-driven methods to control any types of pests and we only use substances and methods that are human, animal and environment friendly. We are an eco-friendly company thus we use organic pesticides which are safe for the environment. We use all types of pest control mechanisms like fumigation, spraying and bait.

Pest aren't easy to handle and can disturb your daily routine. We deal with all types of pest like

  • Termites

    termite control dubai Subterranean or soil-nesting termites causes most of the structural damages. They are very small in size and are sometimes also called as white ants. Our termite management service is odourless, effective and supported by Termatracthe latest termite detection technology from Australia. With TermatracTm, we can detect and track termites and their movements inside surfaces where there are no visible signs of infestation.
  • Wood borer

    wood borer control dubai They destroys your wooden furniture inside out. Our Wood Care Service is a specialized service to eliminate woodborers completely from your place. The chemical is injected into the exit holes to provide effective treatment. The best way to prevent woodborers however, is through the preventive treatment of plywood before applying varnish / paint or any other finish.
  • Bed bugs

    bedbugs control dubai These small creatures often causes sleepless nights and irritation on skin. They actually feed on warm blooded-animals and are commonly found in sofas, mattresses, cinema hall seats etc. They rapidly multiply and removing them is a tough job to carry on your own. Maxicare's bug buster service is a low odour spraying treatment that completely eradicates bed bugs from your place.
  • Cockroaches

    roaches control dubai There is usually three types of cockroaches and they are German cockroaches, American cockroaches and brown branded cockroaches. They can spread diseases like Salmonella, E. Coli, Hepatitis E, diarrhoea and dysentery. Their shredded skins and by-products causes asthma and allergies. They usually hide in dark places mainly kitchen where they contaminate the food. They have a high reproductive rate therefore making them the most challenging pest to handle. We use several spraying and baiting techniques to make your place cockroach-free.
  • Rats

    rat pest control in dubai One of the most annoying and dangerous pest is rats. They usually contaminate food and destroy your clothes and other materials. Rats also breed rapidly and they are very good at hiding. The most commonly found rats are house rats, roof rats and bandlcoot rats. Rats are also responsible for many dangerous diseases like plague and leptospirosis which are very dangerous and its treatment can be cost you a lot. Maxicare has solution for your rat problem, we use several environmental friendly techniques to completely remove rats from your place and surroundings.
  • Ants

    ant pest control dubai in abu dhabi Ants cause you troubles in storing your sweet items. Ants usually feed on sweets, sugar, biscuits, fats and many other eatables. Ants have strong searching senses which why they can reach anywhere; they usually stay in group and destroys your food and sometimes cloths too. An ant bite can also cause you great pain and removing ants a big task. Maxicare removes ants using baits and spraying. Our methods are very eco-friendly causing no side effects.
  • Flies

    fly control dubai Flies are the most irritating and unpleasant pest. They are capable of carrying millions of germs on their body and if these contaminated flies subsequently come into contact with people or food, they transmit several diseases. MaxiCare Fly Control Program effectively deals with fly infestations at all levels.
pest control services in dubai

The pest control methods we use are 100% effective and the results are very pleasing. Our team consists of well trained experts in pest management always keeping the safety of you and your family as their first priority. We provide quality services at a very reasonable price therefore our list of clients has expanded over the years. We have great concerns to protect our environment thus our focus is to provide best quality pest control services using eco-friendly products and methods.