Hygiene Care Services in UAE

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One of the most important areas of specialization of MaxiCare is hygiene care. We understand the importance of hygiene in everyday life and our team strives to provide the best and the most effective hygiene care services in UAE.

We take advantage of highly superior hygienic and sanitation devices from AeroWest and Sanor System in washrooms and restrooms and we only install fully automatic air-fresheners in bathrooms. Using the intelligent AeroWest systems as part of our hygiene care services in Dubai that maintain an even and balanced fragrance that will give a pleasant feeling for the people using the restrooms and washrooms, we make sure that the users do not feel disturbingly strong fragrance or any such unpleasant odor. We make sure that all the hygiene care products and devices that we use can be installed easily and maintained. These devices can be programmed to function all 24 hours or during the day-time only. Catering to the changing preferences and choices of our customers, we make sure that all our hygiene care services in Sharjah delivers different floral, sandalwood and fruit fragrances. As a responsible company that provides a wide array of hygiene care services in UAE, we also provide wholesale services of hygienic materials, paper products, air-fresheners and cleaning chemicals.

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