Swimming is one of the most peaceful and fun activity loved by a majority of people around the world. Swimming gives you one-stop access to mental and physical health benefits. On a weekend going out for swimming with your friends and family can be both a recreational and a relaxing activity for you and your family. You can choose any place of your choice for swimming like a river, swimming pool, beach, dams, lakes, ponds etc.

Benefits of swimming:

Physical benefits-If you are looking to shed some weight then swimming is the best way to burn those calories and tone your body. As the water keeps your body cool, exercising in water is considered to be more comfortable and sweat free compared to exercising on land. It is a perfect form of exercise as while swimming you move your entire body against the resistive force of the water and it is also suitable for all age group. It is the only activity in which all your muscles are involved simultaneously. It is a full body work out and can burn more than 200 calories in half an hour. It is also considered as an excellent cardio exercise that makes your heart muscles strong and keeps your heart rate high for a long time.

Unlike other exercises it also helps to overcome Asthma, as the moisture in the air makes breathing easier for asthma patients. Apart from these swimming also increases your muscular flexibility, blood circulation and boosts your stamina. Mental benefits-Swimming for few minutes is a great refreshing activity. It helps in releasing endorphin in your body making you feel happy and relaxed.

Swimming is considered equivalent to yoga and meditation therefore swimming is also categorised among peaceful activities. When you are swimming all that water splashing on your body renews the energy in you and releases all the stress and tension. The sound of your breathing gives you a meditating effect and helps to boost your patience. Thus swimming gives you a well-being feeling and gives you a rejuvenating experience. If you are facing sleeping troubles or insomnia then again swimming can help you improve your sleeping patterns and get a good night sleep.

Apart from mental and physical benefits swimming can also give you social benefits. It can help you bond with your family and friends. Competitive swimming can bring lot of fun with adrenal rush. But while swimming you should always make sure that the environment is safe and the beginners should learn swimming properly before going for a swim in a lake, river or beach. Swimming is sport for all age group thus anyone can enjoy the benefits of swimming.