We are one of the most recognized pest management companies throughout UAE. We are experts in Controlling and preventing pest. We provide a customized approach to get a pest free place. We deal with a variety of pest and we use eco friendly techniques without causing any harm to human.

Sometimes the common remedies and the pest repellent products don’t help to remove the pest entirely from our houses, offices and other places. In such situations Maxicare Pest Management helps you to get rid of these pests even from remote corners and places where a pest removal product doesn’t reach.

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Pest can cause big troubles in our lives. Apart from causing damage to our furniture and other household stuffs these have the ability to carry some of the dangerous disease causing germs and viruses. Mosquitoes can disturb our sleeps at nights but that is nothing compared to the disease like malaria, dengue, zika virus etc they cause. Similarly rats can cause plague and leptospirosis which are very dangerous and the treatment can be very costly. Another common pest is bed bugs, they can live anywhere in your house and there bites causes itchiness and leaves red spots or bumps on your skin. Those who have bed bugs in their homes know how challenging it is to get rid of these creatures. Some other common Problem pest are Ants, Bees, Roaches, Centipedes, Silver Fish, Crickets, Spiders, Deer, Stink Bugs, Earwigs, Ticks, Fleas, Voles, Mice, Yellow Jackets and Millipedes. Maxicare pest management exactly know how to help you to get rid of these pest.

How often you have faced a situation when you have to dispose off your favorite furniture that you once bought for huge amount, because it is destroyed by wood destroying insects. Once these insects attack the furniture either it loses its beauty or becomes unfit for use. Do you know there are plenty of Wood Destroying Insects? Other common wood destroying insects are Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Powder Post Beetles, Subterranean Termites and Wood Borers. These pest needs to be removed as quickly as possible and we Maxicare pest management with our eco-friendly techniques makes your place free from such kind of pest.

All Fungi, Brown Rot, Dehumidification, Dry Rot, Ground Moisture, Poor Ventilation, SMTS Mold Exterm, White Rot and Wood Rot are also some problems that we deal. One thing we promise is, at Maxicare you will find all the solutions to your pest problems. We believe in total customer satisfaction and we are determined to achieve that. Our method and approach is entirely environmental friendly and we ensure no side effects.